About us

About us

Fundacja MY Pacjenci (WE Patients Foundation)

was established to improve the quality of healthcare services in Poland as well as educate and promote health by building a platform of understanding and cooperation among various sectors (the government, local government, business, science, non-government etc.) and stakeholders. We try to achieve it by effective implementation of healthcare projects.  

The Foundation was established in 2012 as an entity gathering experts of various fields of medicine and related sciences, i.e., medical law, healthcare system, reimbursement system and pharmacoeconomics to support patients’ organizations and other entities’ efforts in improving quality of healthcare in Poland and availability of healthcare services. Its ambition is to become a think-tank supporting public administration as well as public and non-public entities acting in healthcare in a long-term policy, improving medical care standards and public health in Poland. The Foundation acts through communication based on scientific proofs, research, analyses and facts.

The Foundation not only facilitates dialogue between various groups of stakeholders in healthcare, but also provides trainings and data acquire in conducted research. We present the results of the research in an accessible and understandable way and prepare materials for patients, their organizations and healthcare professionals. It’s difficult to find an organization with a similar profile among non-governmental organizations operating in a healthcare sector. – We do not focus on any specific disease, but try to be a support and a kind of spokesperson for the interests and needs of all healthcare stakeholders, with particular emphasis on the needs of patients.


The Foundation is performing projects on improvements in health care system in cooperation with academic, non-governmental, private and public entities. Some of current Foundation projects can be observed at www.mypacjenci.org. The Foundation is acquiring independent funds from Polish and EU grants or using own means to performing the following social and scientific projects in the co-operation with patients organizations, independent experts, academic centers and public institutions.


Foundation goals and tasks:

  • Support participations of patients in decision-making in healthcare
  • Provide expert support to patient organizations to help the communicate their problems and needs to be more effectively
  • Implements projects on health education and health promotion


The Foundation’s experts and employees have participated or even initiated in numerous projects in healthcare and have documented scientific and organizational achievements in this field. For years we have been supporting various patients’ organizations as experts and present and publish in the media current comments on the situation of healthcare in Poland.

The Foundation’s projects are aimed on improvements in healthcare system in cooperation with academic, non-governmental, private and public entities.


Foundation’s strategic projects

  • “Patients Decide” I and II edition – promotion of health consultation in healthcare; the aim of the first edition was to prepare a group of selected patient organization to participation in the process of public consultation in healthcare; the second was to prepare patient organization to effectively act in field on influencing changes in the healthcare empowerment.
  • “Patients for Health” – the project aim was to improve the standard of preventive pediatric care for children aged 0-5; in project were involved parent bloggers.
  • “Together for Health” – the main goal of the project was to develop social dialogue and the idea of social responsibility of healthcare institutions through the development transparent mechanisms of social consultations within the framework of the established partnership. The recommendations developed as part of the project were often the basis for the implementation of pro-quality organizational solutions in the healthcare system.
  • “Social audit of the national cancer prevention programme” – the first such social audit on public health.


The greatest achievements:

  • President of the Management Board, Magdalena Kołodziej chosen to be vice-chairman of the Patient Organization Council at the Ministry of Health. The Council is an auxiliary and advisory body to the Minister of Health in the field of dialogue on systemic issues in health care.
  • “For Health and Patient” award winner in the Patient Safety and Rights category, incl. for actions taken in a pandemic. The award established by the Patient Ombudsman, the President of the National Health Fund and the Institute of Patient Rights and Health Education for organizations working for the benefit of patients;
  • contributing to building a social dialogue between patient organizations and doctors, pharmacists and nurses
  • building cooperation and self-development of over 50 patient organizations and their leaders, preparing leaders for participation and social dialogue and mobilizing organizations to cooperate with local government
  • 10 years of conducting social research (over 25,000 respondents) on the expectations of patients and citizens in relation to the healthcare system – 25 reports with the description of research results, analysis of international solutions and recommendations for public administration regarding the directions of systemic changes.



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