Our projects

Our projects

The most important completed projects (LEADER)

  • Together for Health – development of social dialogue between patients, medical professions and public administration (
  • Patients Decide – development of participation and leaders of patient organizations (
  • Oncological prevention social audit – improving the effectiveness of prevention programs
  • Oncology registries – improving the quality of data on cancer, prevention and treatment
  • Parents for Health – educating parents on the proper nutrition of children (
  • Hungry for change – social movement for educating parents on proper nutrition of children (

Social partnership in projects (completed)

  • “Don’t lose your head – a program of prevention and early detection of head and neck cancers” – social partner of the Oncology Center in Warsaw, responsible for conducting an awareness campaign in social media and with the use of printed materials (direct distribution).

Social partnership in projects (ongoing)

  • Heart to the Rescue – KORDIAN 2020 Program. Program for the Prevention of Heart and Vascular Diseases and the Diagnostics of Family Hypercholesterolaemia in the Łódź and Mazowieckie voivodeships – social partner of the National Institute of Cardiology in Warsaw, responsible for the awareness campaign and the development of educational materials addressed to health care teams and patients.


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