Our team

Our team

Our team

EWA BOREK, MD, MBA, Of Holy Memory,  Founder, President of the Management Board in 2012-2019,

doctor, manager, expert with more tnah 20 years of experience in working to improve patients’ access to modern therapies. An expert in the field of organization and financing of health protection and public health. A graduate of the Illinois University MBA studies and the HTA course at the London School of Economics. Organizer of large international educational projects, among which it is worth mentioning the Freedom of Breath project, which was carried out in primary schools all over Poland, which led to the dissemination of knowledge about asthma among 1 million students, or the Breast Cancer project from A to Z, which resulted in an increase in the awareness of patients’ rights among Polish Amazons. Author of the blog www.pacjenci.blogspot.com and numerous publications in the trade press on the subject of improving the health care system. An expert actively supporting patient organizations. 

MAGDALENA KOŁODZIEJ, President of the Management Board,

an expert actively supporting patient organizations, with many years of experience in the field of patient education and activation as well as communication with patients, specialist in marketing and project management, advocate of involving patients in decision-making processes in health care and activities aimed at introducing patient-centric health care system in Poland. A manager with experience in the organization and comprehensive management of educational projects, and a moderator of social dialogue in health care. She has managed projects such as Together for Health, Patients Decide, Lilly’s Diabetic Education Centers and Freedom of Breathing – Prevent Asthma.

KINGA WOJTASZCZYK, MBA, Member of the Management Board,

has education in the field of health education and addiction prevention, medical law, bioethics and sociology of medicine as well as pharmaceutical law and pharmacoeconomics. A graduate of MBA studies in management in health care. She completed numerous courses, incl. in the field of monitoring and implementation of clinical trials, pricing of health services, medical law and organization of sociological research. She is the co-author / author of publications on the settlement of health services, education of doctors, aggression in health care and sociological research among doctors for Gazeta Farmaceutyczna and Gazeta Lekarska and the guide for patients: “How to navigate in the health care system”, which received the Silver title in OSOZ The leader in the category of activities for the benefit of the patient. He has experience in the implementation of training in the field of the health care system and patient rights addressed to patient organizations.

JOANNA FLICIŃSKA-TURKIEWICZ, Ph.D. , one of the founders of the Foundation,

has economic and sociological education, doctor of economics in the field of management sciences with a specialization in marketing. She wrote a doctoral dissertation on social campaigns in health care. He is a practitioner in the use of modern technologies in education, lecturer at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń and Gnieźnieńska Szkoła Wyższa Milenium. She conducted training for patients on the use of new media in non-governmental organizations and training for doctors in building an image on the Internet in cooperation with the Supreme Medical Chamber. He has experience in conducting social research, especially in the field of healthcare. Her research interests focus on social campaigns and changing the attitudes of their recipients.


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